Jan | 2017 Spheres & Associations for zither duo, electronics, transducer and audio playbacks
Three-part composition Spheres & Associations for zither duo, electronics, transducer (feedback with the supporting strings of one zither) and audio playbacks (seamless endless-loops inspired by "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles and "Remember The Time" by Michael Jackson
Premiere by Sarah und Tabea Wurmer (Munich) at „Jugend musiziert 2017“

>>> Audio "Spheres & Associations", Middle part "Remember" (Recording of rehearsal)

Nov 2016 _ May 2017 | Soundart workshop Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium Weinheim
Creation of experimental sound works for the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by W. Shakespeare based on Mendelssohns' theatre music with scholars of Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium (as a guest teacher; Dir. of the music class: Silke Winkler)

Dec 8 | 2016 | FROM DIA TO SYN | Gallery Pankow Berlin
Lecture about hitherto sound art and interdisciplinary works (2011 to 2016)

Jul 16 _ Sept 5 | 2016 Participation in the group exhibition UNDRESSED: Room installation Mobile Temple | JR Gallery Berlin
Room installation "Mobile Temple" with picture elements, ticker, video projection and sound playback (seamless endless loop)

Jun 2 _ 5 | 2016 ARTMUC Praterinsel Munich
Exhibition of the two experimental photos in LED-lightboxes with integrated sound "Mein Herz Es Dampft" and "The Three Ravens (When I Sang Ravenscroft With Friends)", represented by Gallery Ingo Seufert

Feb | 2016 Music for the theatre play Wyznawca (Dir.: Natalia Korczakowska) Teatr Studio, Warsaw (Poland)

Opera "O Ofiarowaniu Izaaka" ("The sacrifice of Isaac"), Parts 1 - 4
Presented within the theatre play Wyznawca by screening
Composition: Alois Späth, Direction: Natalia Korczakowska, Camera: Janek Świetlik

Oct 14 _ Nov 14 | 2015 Exhibition of the soundsculpture AGNES (Oktett) at the college chapel of University of Regensburg at the invitation of KHG Regensburg

Sept 12 – Oct 4 | 2015 no stories / koane g‘schichtln
Exhibition of two experimental and digitally manipulated photos in LED light boxes and light frames with sound, as well as two sound installations created with items from IKEA at Gallery For Contemporary Photography Ingo Seufert (Munich)

Jul 12, 19 & 26 _ Aug 2 | 2015 AGNES, TINA, LION & MATHIS
Tripartite sound installation with works from the series "Serial - Individual" at ohrenhoch - the Noise Shop (Berlin)

Jun 3 | 2015 The sound of things teaches me humility (LOOP-Festival Barcelona, Video-Night Goethe-Institute: "Estatus Alterado")
Soundart work for CD-player station. Four CDs with soundarrangements of white noise filtered by four kitchen objects - plastic bowl, wooden bowl, iron pot and glass bowl

LOOP-Festival Barcelona: Exhibition view CD-player station

May 29 - Jun 30 | 2015 Wendelstein Höhlenmediale 2015 "Zeit - Moment - Ewigkeit"
Exhibition with contemporary media art in Germany's highest located show cave on Wendelstein mountain
Works by Annie Goh :: Akitoshi Honda :: Bartholomäus Traubeck :: Bastus Trump
Curator and artistic director: Alois Späth
Wendelstein Höhlenmediale 2015 Logo
>>> Wendelstein Höhlenmediale 2015 on Facebook (Informations about the exhibition)

Nov 15 - Dec 21 | 2014 Hanging Stairs
Sound-Image-Installation with four illustrated panels, transducers und audio players at the exhibition "Entdeckung" of Kunst- und Gewerbeverein Regensburg e.V. (in cooperation with Kontur. Kunstverein Stuttgart e.V.)

Oct 4 | 2014 dia-materiell (klangserie III) - keramik
Installative 8-channel-audioperformance with sounds from the workshop of the potter Thomas Henle played on resonating ceramic objects and with an ensemble of loudspeakers in context of the festival "Ton im Ton" at ELSA47 e.V. (Bad Rodach / Coburg, Germany)

Sept | 2014 Music for the theatre play DZIADY III (Direction: Natalia Korczakowska) Teatr Dramatyczny im. Aleksandra Węgierki, Bialystok (Poland)

>>> "Plywe Kacza" (Radio Version) Holger Falk - Voice | Alois Späth - Electronics

Aug 25 - Sept 28 | 2014 HOME BY THE SEA (Soundinstallation) & Gazing at ... (Performance)
Artist's Residency at Artbase Helgeland 66 ° N (Norway)
Making of the soundinstallation "HOME BY THE SEA"

Live-Performance "Gazing at ..." (Visuals: Maike Zimmermann, Sound: Alois Späth)

Apr 26 | 2014 AGNES (Oktett)
Soundsculpture of eight metal-hangers, two towel rails, eight transducers and audio player from the series "Seriell - Individuell"

Oct 11 - Nov 11 | 2013 AGNES and LION at Garden of Anouk
Exhibition of two sound works AGNES and LION from the series "Serial - Individual" at Concept Store Garden of Anouk (Dunckerstraße 17, Berlin)

Sept 29 | 2013 dia-materiell (klangserie II) – zither
Soundinstallation with resounding zither instruments in the cathedral-cave at Wendelstein mountain in the context of the festival "Zither am Berg" hosted by Deutscher Zithermusik-Bund e.V.

Sept 9 - 19 | 2013 Practical course "Sound techniques" at the Technical University of Deggendorf in media technology
Sound art seminar on the subject of "Klang - Kultur - Wald". Making of experimental sound works with students of the course media technology about the sound sphere of the Bavarian Forest and of the music festival Kulturwald

Sept 5 | 2013 Allegro | BR-KLASSIK | Radio: "Wie klingen verschiedene Gegenstände? (How do various objects sound?)"
Sound artist Alois Späth - A portrait by Antonia Bruns

Aug 28 | 2013 Article "Der Klang der Kleiderbügel (The sound of clothes hangers)", Süddeutsche Zeitung
A portrait by Franziska Dürmeier about sound artist Alois Späth, his previous and his actual works.

May 22 - Jun 9 | 2013 Glaciermusic, Goethe-Institute, Central-Asia
Tour through Central-Asia commissioned by Goethe-Institute of Tashkent and Almaty. Four concerts in the context of festival "Glaciermusic"
Bishkek | Kyrgyzstan | May 24 | 2013 Concert with Gebrüder Teichmann, Askat and Alois Späth
Dushanbe | Tadzhikistan | May 28 | 2013 Soundspace with Andi Teichmann and Alois Späth
Almaty | Kazakhstan | Jun 4 | 2013 Soundspace with Andi Teichmann und Alois Späth
Tashkent | Uzbekistan | Jun 7 | 2013 Concert with Gebrüder Teichmann, Omnibus Ensemble and Alois Späth

>>> Audio-excerpt Soundspace Dushanbe (Andi Teichmann and Alois Späth)

Apr 12 | 2013 Klang+Farben, Company Vögerl, Parsberg
Installation and performance (8-Channel-Audio) within the presentation of the new colorstone-series by company Vögerl (flagging, mosaic, natural stone and jointless floorings).
>>> "Klang+Farben"-Performance Audio-excerpt 1 (Studio-Version Stereo)
>>> "Klang+Farben"-Performance Audio-excerpt 2 (Studio-Version Stereo)

Feb 22 | 2013 Coolers
Sound installation and performance, commissioned work by Goethe-Institut for the symposium "Climatic change and glacier meltdown: Findings and forms of expression in question of a global phenomenon", hosted by Goethe-Institute, Taschkent / Uzbekistan

Dec 10 & 17 | 2012 Klangkunst
Courses on Soundart at the technical media department of University Deggendorf

Dec 6 | 2012 Sphaira
Sound installation and performance in collaboration with Marco A. Fox for the concert "Sphaira" with Schola Gregoriana Tübingen, directed by Wilfried Rombach. Church St. John, Tübingen
>>> Audio excerpts concert "Sphaira" 1st Part Proprium
>>> Audio excerpts concert "Sphaira" 2nd Part Komplet

Oct 1 - 31 | 2012 Wirtshaus-Stipendium Kallmünz
Artists' residency hosted by the Luber family, hotel-restaurant "Goldener Löwe", Kallmünz. Produced under the residency three sound installations titled "K", which was purchased for permanent instalment and collection of the hotel-restaurant's "Goldener Löwe"

>>> Report about Alois Späth in Oberpfalznetz.de Nov 15 | 2012
>>> Report about the residency and the installations in Oberpfalznetz.de Nov 15 | 2012

Sept 9 | 2012 Magisches Abschlusskonzert Musikfestival Kulturwald
Sound installation and performance with audio-feedings at the "Magical Final Concert" of "Kulturwald", guildhall of Deggendorf. Duo PARKDECK (collaboration with Marco A. Fox)

Aug 30 - Sept 3 | 2012 Panharmonicon 2, Ars Electronica Linz
Exhibition of the soundinstallation "Panharmonicon 2" within presentation of Sound Studies Berlin at Ars Electronica, Linz.
>>> Panharmonicon 2, Ars Electronica Linz

Jul 27 | 2012 PARKDECK bei Miss Hecker, Berlin
As Duo PARKDECK (collaboration with Marco A. Fox): Room installation of a multi-channel sound performance, utilising furnishings and objects of the bar Miss Hecker, Berlin Mitte, as loudspeakers, playing patches of music, field-recordings and layers of sound.

Jun 30 - Sept 12 | 2012 Bell-Drone-Bell
Sound installation: church-bells, organ bass pipe, vibration speakers and mp3-players. Installation was part of "Große Ostbayerische Kunstausstellung", Church of Minorites, Regensburg.

Apr 23 - Jun 3 | 2012 dia-materiell (klangserie I)
Artists' residency and scholarship at Schlossmediale Werdenberg 2012. Creation of the multipart sound installation "dia-materiell (klangserie I)", for the festival “for early and contemporary music und media art” at Schlossmediale Werdenberg.

Interview with Alois Späth at Schlossmediale 2012 | >>> Scholars Schlossmediale 2012

Jan 11 | 2012 Neon Music
Performance of the soundplay "Neon Music" for mp3-players, mixer und analogue effects on the occasion of public presentation of the roominstallation "faint - Ohn'Macht" by Notburga Karl at the chapel of University of Regensburg.
>>> Audio Supplement "Neon-Music"

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