Oct 11 - Nov 11 | 2013 AGNES and LION at Garden of Anouk
Exhibition of two sound works AGNES and LION from the series "Serial - Individual" at Concept Store Garden of Anouk (Dunckerstraße 17, Berlin)

Sept 29 | 2013 dia-materiell (klangserie II) – zither
Soundinstallation with resounding zither instruments in the cathedral-cave at Wendelstein mountain in the context of the festival "Zither am Berg" hosted by Deutscher Zithermusik-Bund e.V.

Sept 9 - 19 | 2013 Practical course "Sound techniques" at the Technical University of Deggendorf in media technology
Sound art seminar on the subject of "Klang - Kultur - Wald". Making of experimental sound works with students of the course media technology about the sound sphere of the Bavarian Forest and of the music festival Kulturwald

Sept 5 | 2013 Allegro | BR-KLASSIK | Radio: "Wie klingen verschiedene Gegenstände? (How do various objects sound?)"
Sound artist Alois Späth - A portrait by Antonia Bruns

Aug 28 | 2013 Article "Der Klang der Kleiderbügel (The sound of clothes hangers)", Süddeutsche Zeitung
A portrait by Franziska Dürmeier about sound artist Alois Späth, his previous and his actual works.

May 22 - Jun 9 | 2013 Glaciermusic, Goethe-Institute, Central-Asia
Tour through Central-Asia commissioned by Goethe-Institute of Tashkent and Almaty. Four concerts in the context of festival "Glaciermusic"
Bishkek | Kyrgyzstan | May 24 | 2013 Concert with Gebrüder Teichmann, Askat and Alois Späth
Dushanbe | Tadzhikistan | May 28 | 2013 Soundspace with Andi Teichmann and Alois Späth
Almaty | Kazakhstan | Jun 4 | 2013 Soundspace with Andi Teichmann und Alois Späth
Tashkent | Uzbekistan | Jun 7 | 2013 Concert with Gebrüder Teichmann, Omnibus Ensemble and Alois Späth

>>> Audio-excerpt Soundspace Dushanbe (Andi Teichmann and Alois Späth)

Apr 12 | 2013 Klang+Farben, Company Vögerl, Parsberg
Installation and performance (8-Channel-Audio) within the presentation of the new colorstone-series by company Vögerl (flagging, mosaic, natural stone and jointless floorings).
>>> "Klang+Farben"-Performance Audio-excerpt 1 (Studio-Version Stereo)
>>> "Klang+Farben"-Performance Audio-excerpt 2 (Studio-Version Stereo)

Feb 22 | 2013 Coolers
Sound installation and performance, commissioned work by Goethe-Institut for the symposium "Climatic change and glacier meltdown: Findings and forms of expression in question of a global phenomenon", hosted by Goethe-Institute, Taschkent / Uzbekistan

Dec 10 & 17 | 2012 Klangkunst
Courses on Soundart at the technical media department of University Deggendorf

Dec 6 | 2012 Sphaira
Sound installation and performance in collaboration with Marco A. Fox for the concert "Sphaira" with Schola Gregoriana Tübingen, directed by Wilfried Rombach. Church St. John, Tübingen
>>> Audio excerpts concert "Sphaira" 1st Part Proprium
>>> Audio excerpts concert "Sphaira" 2nd Part Komplet

Oct 1 - 31 | 2012 Wirtshaus-Stipendium Kallmünz
Artists' residency hosted by the Luber family, hotel-restaurant "Goldener Löwe", Kallmünz. Produced under the residency three sound installations titled "K", which was purchased for permanent instalment and collection of the hotel-restaurant's "Goldener Löwe"

>>> Report about Alois Späth in Oberpfalznetz.de Nov 15 | 2012
>>> Report about the residency and the installations in Oberpfalznetz.de Nov 15 | 2012

Sept 9 | 2012 Magisches Abschlusskonzert Musikfestival Kulturwald
Sound installation and performance with audio-feedings at the "Magical Final Concert" of "Kulturwald", guildhall of Deggendorf. Duo PARKDECK (collaboration with Marco A. Fox)

Aug 30 - Sept 3 | 2012 Panharmonicon 2, Ars Electronica Linz
Exhibition of the soundinstallation "Panharmonicon 2" within presentation of Sound Studies Berlin at Ars Electronica, Linz.
>>> Panharmonicon 2, Ars Electronica Linz

Jul 27 | 2012 PARKDECK bei Miss Hecker, Berlin
As Duo PARKDECK (collaboration with Marco A. Fox): Room installation of a multi-channel sound performance, utilising furnishings and objects of the bar Miss Hecker, Berlin Mitte, as loudspeakers, playing patches of music, field-recordings and layers of sound.

Jun 30 - Sept 12 | 2012 Bell-Drone-Bell
Sound installation: church-bells, organ bass pipe, vibration speakers and mp3-players. Installation was part of "Große Ostbayerische Kunstausstellung", Church of Minorites, Regensburg.

Apr 23 - Jun 3 | 2012 dia-materiell (klangserie I)
Artists' residency and scholarship at Schlossmediale Werdenberg 2012. Creation of the multipart sound installation "dia-materiell (klangserie I)", for the festival “for early and contemporary music und media art” at Schlossmediale Werdenberg.

Interview with Alois Späth at Schlossmediale 2012 | >>> Scholars Schlossmediale 2012

Jan 11 | 2012 Neon Music
Performance of the soundplay "Neon Music" for mp3-players, mixer und analogue effects on the occasion of public presentation of the roominstallation "faint - Ohn'Macht" by Notburga Karl at the chapel of University of Regensburg.
>>> Audio Supplement "Neon-Music"

Sept 11 - Oct 9 | 2011 Fibonateur [-3-5-8-13-]
Sound for the light&room-intervention "Fibonateur [-3-5-8-13-]" by Notburga Karl and Margret Becker, church of Groß Fredenwalde (near by Berlin)

Aug 29 - Sept 30 | 2011 Waldmusikpfade
Outdoor sound installation over a wide area in the slope-meadow at the formerly so called "Hundertjahr-Hof" in the context of the music-festival "Kulturwald", Bavarian Forest. Artistic teamwork with Harald Christ ( haraldchrist ) as Duo "Christ & Späth"

Aug 20 | 2011 aLessa L
Sound installation at the former baths of factory "Allessa", Offenbach (a.M.) in the context of media-festival "sound OF". Collaboration with Marco A. Fox as Duo "PARKDECK"
>>> Audio "aLessa L" Draft design

May 13 - Jun 17 | 2011 Panharmonicon 2, Historisches Museum der Stadt Regensburg
Solo exhibition of the sound installation "Panharmonicon 2", Historical Museum of the city of Regensburg

Apr 12 | 2011 Im Nachtzug
Soundtrack for the live-audio-drama "Im Nachtzug" based on the novel of the same name by Benno Hurt, Weinschenk-Villa, Regensburg
>>> Audio "Im Nachtzug" Scene1a
>>> Audio "Im Nachtzug" Scene1b

March 18 - 31 | 2011 Panharmonicon 2, HomeBase Berlin
Exhibition of the sound installation "Panharmonicon 2" in the context of the Master-Presentation Sound Studies "AUFHÖRN!, HomeBase Berlin

Sept 19 - Oct 31 | 2010 Rastplatz, Kommunale Galerie Berlin
"Rastplatz", an audio-visual installation, Kommunale Galerie Berlin, Hohenzollerndamm 176. Collaboration with Harald Christ as Duo "Christ & Späth"
>>> Rastplatz: Synopsis

Aug 6 - 8 | 2010 campanae
Sound installation for the Early-Music-Festival "Stimmwercktage" at Adlersberg. Collaboration with Harald Christ ( haraldchrist ) as Duo "Christ & Späth"

Apr 25 | 2010 Wir und unsere 1483 Freunde
News from the world of Facebook, musically interpretated, recited and sung by Andi Teichmann (Elektronics) & Alois Späth (Elektronics, Recitation, Vocals). Miss Hecker, Berlin / Mitte
>>> Audio Draft design "Ichundmeine245Freunde"

Essay about soundimpressions / fieldrecordings from Sydney. Written in the context of the course "Die moderne Klanglandschaft und die auditive Kultur" at Sound Studies, Berlin
>>> Essay "SYDNEY__TRANSIT>>_STOP_TRANSIT>>": PDF-view (German language, Copyright Alois Späth)
Audiofiles (soundimpressions / fieldrecordings) mentioned in the essay (track-title within the PDF in bold characters)
>>> 01_MeritonAppartmentHotel
>>> 02_AustraliaDay_FerryRace_1
>>> 03_AustraliaDay_FerryRace_2
>>> 04_Didgeridoo
>>> 05_Singer-Songwriter
>>> 06_GeorgeStreet_up
>>> 07_GeorgeStreet_down
>>> 08_China-Town_FoodCourt

March 5 & 6 | 2010 _ _ _ for you
"_ _ _ for you", soundcollage (three german poems recited at night on a motorway bridge). Played at festival "Esta Casa Esta Sonada", Maracaibo/Venezuela
>>> Audio "_ _ _ for you"

Nov 7 | 2009 Der kleine Häwelmann
Incidental music for the play "The little Häwelmann" at puppet theater "Pupille Schief" (Puppeteer: Gudula Zientek) by "PARKDECK" (Alois Späth and Jana Sotzko, Berlin). Premiere November 2009, Regensburg
>>> Audio Häwelmann Opening
>>> Audio Häwelmann-Song (Full Version)
>>> Audio Häwelmann Coda

>>> Report Mittelbayerische Zeitung Nov 28 | 2009

Jun 4 | 2009 Gesänge der Fahnenmasten
Soundcollage as a collaboration with David Rusitschka ( David Rusitschka ) for the project "Radio Rohrdamm, Sound Studies in Siemensstadt-Berlin".
>>> "Gesänge der Fahnenmasten" at Netzradio "Radio Rohrdamm" in context of Sound Studies in Berlin-Siemensstadt