March 3 | 2013 Series Reception-Art: Installation Snow Water _ Bernried (Lower Bavaria)
Walking on a sunny winter's day. The slow and steady melting of the snow. The flowing, gargeling, plashing water, in the forest and afield, in rivulets and brooks. The nature's soundsphere of the upcoming springtime.
Walking along the country road, passing a central shaft. Stopping, listening. From the central shaft the sound of water. Enclosed in a stone wall, falling within a reverberation space from a certain height onto the water surface. The sound of plashing currently modulated: Augmented by the resonance frequencies of the stonecave, provided with certain pitches, finally "compressed", diminished and capped by the central shaft's cover plate. Sounding outwards through the gap. (Waterfall)Sound shaped by the space of the central shaft, nature's sound man-made filtered and transformed. Predication of sound - Installation Snow Water. Recording close to the shaft's cover plate.

>>> Audio Installation Snow Water

Jun 28 | 2011 Series Reception-Art: Soundspace Unicorn _ Ratisbon
At night silence in the historical city centre. Ludwigstraße. Turn into the alley "Am Römling". Then to the right into "Einhorngäßchen".
Walking with boots on bouldering. The steps resounding - the alley like a little canyon with its arched and curved towering walls of the historical houses. The boots' clacking amplified.
There's a curve in the route, then entering a new room volume. The wall on the right side: A curvature. The new soundspace like a cave. With an own sound, its resonance frequency, the room mode. The tone added to the rhythm of the steps, of a trampling (audiofile from min 0:40 on). A new tonal space.
Soundspace Unicorn.
Finally leaving the alley and entering the "Weingasse".

>>> Audio Soundspace Unicorn _ Ratisbon

Jun 24 | 2011 Series Reception-Art: Sea rushing _ Ratisbon
Coming from the historic city centre crossing the Iron Bridge. At night. Rarely traffic. The street still wet from the pass rain shower.
Stopping at the first tree on the foot-walk. Looking to the concrete wall of the small technical building at the base of the bridge.
Behind me a car. Coming from the city centre (no opposing traffic!), driving around the corner. Its sound - the noise of the tyres on the wet road surface - fading away into the acoustical blind angle.
Suddenly: Sound-reflection. The noise of the automobile tyres getting out of the wall. Sound of sea rushing. A concrete wall sounding, brightly enlightened.

Apr 3 | 2011 Hüttschlag _ (Austria)
From 'Vorderschappachhof' going up the lane.
Sitting down on the slope-meadow.
The sight of the little village 'Hüttschlag' and the valley in front of me being on the heightened look-out. Behind me and in front of the abundant mountain mass.
Down in the valley the stream beside the road. The noise of roaring water. Traffic noise. Noise of the whispering wind in the trees. Shading and brightening of sounds and noise.
The farm up the hill: The regular rhythmical light chattering of the machine, which is transporting the dung out of the cow barn and is stacking a dung pile outside.
Currently_Sitting in front of the house, on the bank, in the sun. Wind whispering through the garden's bushes. In the village over there road works. The sounds getting to my place. In between clacking and rumbling: The neighbour's children driving with kettcar and bicycles occasionally hauling them up and around (plastic bucket is knocking against bicycle frame...)
From the cow barn on high the drone-like light whiring of the milking plant.
Questions about the onset of sounds, about the 'attack'.
Questions about sound accents, sound plains, sound spheres. Their initiation, them being present, their decay.